torsdag den 9. juni 2011


I just finished my english exam, got 12 (A+)!!! I'M SO HAPPY!!! Seriously, it saved my day. Now i've got my history exam and chemistry exam. 2 down - 2 to go. Can't wait to get it all over with! 
I'm still obsessed with that swedish dude... Andreas Wijk. Check his blog out here, it's cool. And he is so attractive! Haha - mentioned that a couple of times :-)
Now i'm just chillin' at school with a couple of friends, drinking vitamin water (it finally came in DK. love) - It's so refreshing! Hope you are having a blast. LOVE

8 kommentarer:

signe. sagde ...

Hvor købte du de der vand?? :-)

caroline sagde ...

man kan købe dem i 7-eleven :)

Malene Vang sagde ...

Jeg elsker det her oplæg !!

caroline sagde ...

hahahahha malle
tillykke med din engelsk karakter!

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