torsdag den 12. maj 2011

DIY project

Me and my friend was cleaning out her closet, when we found this nightgown. Well, it was kinda like those you see in old movies. And we decided to do something to make it look good. And i think we succeeded. We only used a scissor. I just started to cut the dress shorter, so it was like a top, and then i cut the sleeves, so they were like t-shirt length. And it ended up looking like this. We would wear it with a pair of cowboy shorts(khaki trousers like those on the picture, if it's too cold outside), sandals and some cool but simple accessories. I think it would look best with the hair in a fishtail braid or with your hair hanging loose and a bit random. Kinda like the way Serena from Gossip Girl has her hair.
note: sorry for the bad quality on the pictures, but they were taken with my phone. 

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lineandree sagde ...

Really cute top. It's be perfect for summer with a pair of bleached, cut off shorts! :)

caroline sagde ...