lørdag den 23. april 2011

Stine Goya in collaboration with Weekday

Hey guys! In a few minutes i'm headed home to Copenhagen (i wouldn't mind having a couple of days more in this sunny town). I had a really nice and relaxing spring break, but in some ways i'm looking forward to go home, to see my friends & sleep in my own bed. I bought a very few things here - which i'll show you guys soon. 
Now.. about the headline.. Don't know if any of you guys remember, but a while ago i posted something about Stine Goya's collaboration with Weekday. Anyways - i saw this video on Fierce og fattig på SU! - so i just thought that you guys might want to see it too, because it's amazing. The collection is out Saturday 30th. I can't wait. LOVE

Stine Goya in collaboration with WEEKDAY from WEEKDAY on Vimeo.

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