torsdag den 14. april 2011

My beauty must-haves

A very good hair oil, that makes my hair look like a L'Oréal commercial... Ha ha 
An amazing lip balm from eos. It is a must-have in my make-up bag. This one i with the smell and taste of a lemon. Very delicious!!! - And it's not even that expensive :-)
For me a black nail polish, a nail oil and a base and top coat is a must-have. The black nail polish is Chanel, the nail oil is O.P.I and the base/top coat is Rimmel 
Red lipstick i an absolute must in a girls make-up collection. My favorite is from a brand called Nouba. I bought it in a cosmetics store in Amsterdam. I like it because it's easy to apply and because it have this kind of glossy look that i like. 
This is just a cheap bodylotion, but it's very good and it doesn't contain any perfume.
Every girl need a good mascara, and this is my favorite. Helena Rubinstein - Lash queen. 

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