søndag den 13. marts 2011


Hey lovebugs, sorry i haven't really blogged this weekend, it's not that my weekend were busy or anything, i just haven't had the time to blog. Friday i was at my uncles (he wasn't really my uncle, but my dead aunt's husband) funeral. I hate funerals so much and I've been to so many in my life, sad... Anyways, afterwards i just relaxed with my dad and brother, watched xfactor and stuff. Saturday i was at the gym with a girlfriend, bought a gift to my kinda nephew (It's very complicated!). Afterwards i went over at my friends place, and we just cooked and watched a couple of american love movies. Ha Ha. Sunday i woke up at 11:30, eat some breakfast, and went over to my kinda nephew (HAHA) to his 3 years old birthday party. It was a nice way to spend my sunday. Now i'm just home, just showered and listening to John Legend. Lovely way to spend my weekend. Tomorrow it's monday, and i don't really feel like going to school, but unfortunately i have to. To bad. Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend, i sure did! Love Caroline

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