onsdag den 16. marts 2011

My day

Hi guys
The weather is so great in Copenhagen, even though it's very cold, the sun is still shining, and that's just great. So today my friend and I went shopping, or I wouldn't exactly call it shopping since none of us really bought something. Anyways. We just looked in a couple of stores, and I fell in love with so many things, a orange leather Marc by Marc Jacobs purse, a black leather bag from a store in Copenhagen called Paristexas and a wonderful Céline bag. So I've now decided to get a job. I was at a job interview last Wednesday, and the guy I talked to said he would call me back in a couple of days, but I still haven't got that damn call, so like I said, I've now decided to find another job. But it's not really that simple, because I'm only fifteen, and there isn't so many jobs available for fifteen years old girls, or maybe there is, I just haven't found anything yet. But my job-hunt has now started. Wish me luck! Ha Ha. I hope you had a wonderful day.

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