onsdag den 22. december 2010

christmas shopping

Now i've bought all the x-mas gifts i needed to - so now the only thing i can do is wait for the 24th. I'm so exited. I always is in christmas time.

and btw, saw these amazing nail polishes today, that would fit perfectly till christmas eve, but they were a bit expensive - so i didn't bought any of them. Maybe i will tomorrow - dunno. It's from the OPI Burlesque collection & they are so christmas-ish.

Merry x-mas everyone!


3 kommentarer:

Emilie sagde ...

Fin blog!

Emma Kirstine sagde ...

Ej, en fin blog du har :) + den er virkelig smuk. Jeg er blevet fast-læser, og glæder mig til at følge din blog.
Kig forbi min, hvis du lyster.
Emma :)

caroline sagde ...

tak begge to :-)